Administrative Staff

Curtis, Adam
High School Principal
Smith, Kevin
Smith, Michelle
Administrative Assistant
Strathman, Melinda
Special Services

Support Staff

Eckhoff, Sheree
High School Computer Lab
Eddington, Molly
Special Services Secretary
Eichler, Debra
High School Secretary
Lines, Diane
Librarian Aide
Paxton, Michelle
Reser, Cynthia
Sanders, Chris

Teaching Staff

Arnett, Jonna
Social Studies
Brown, Ashley
Jr. High Mathematics
Burke, Tyler
High School Physcial Education
Cramer, Sarah
High School Science
Curtis, Alex
Dehaan, Kelly
High School Business
Eason, Lenell
Elementary Music and JH Study Skills
Fairchild, Eric
JH and HS Government
Goosen, Anne
Goosen, Travis
Industrial Arts
Greene, Jennifer
JH/HS Career & Academic Advisor
Helland, Erin
High School Music
Johnson, Michelle
High School English & History
Lupfer, Lisa
High School Special Services
Lynde, Dana
Lynde, Will
HS Physical Education/Credit Recovery
Maddux, Brandi
Mankin, Taylor
High School English
Meyer, Amanda
High School Special Services
Mueller, Becky
Jr. High Science
Reimund, Jill
Jr. High English
Smith, Amy
High School FACS
Starke, Elyse
High School Math
Williams, Shelby
Art Teacher